Question: What products do you sell, where I can find this information?

Answer: You can visit Sites section to check if the product you are interested is available.

Question: What are your payment requirements or limitations, when I will have my money?

Answer: We pay our affiliates on a weekly basis.

The payment goes after 2 weeks hold period right after you have achieved the required minimum of your commission (depending on your payment method chosen it could be from $0 and up to $500)

For the very special affiliate we can remove hold period at all.

Question: Why and what is "hold period"?

Answer: We have to held your payment to run some security checks for the orders placed at your account.

It prevents both you and us from loosing the money.

After the hold period those funds are released and sent to you.

Question: What is required minimum of my commission?

Answer: It is $100 for e-currency payments such as WebMoney. For Bank Wire Transfer it is $500.

For the very special affiliate we can pay by request.

Question: Will I have any statistic available?

Answer: Yes you can track visitors and sales in real time.

Question: Which currency is used for payments?

Answer: All payments and prices are in US dollars.

Question: Which payment methods are available?

Answer: We can pay you through WebMoney, Bank Wire Transfer (Egold, ePassporte, PayPal are limited for usage currently but will be available back soon)

Question: What fees will you deduct from payments?

Answer: We do not take any fee for payments through WebMoney. For Bank Wire Transfer we pay the usual transfer amount of $15 or $30. If any Bank during payment shaves its own additional commission, we have nothing to do with that and do recommend you to choose alternate payment method or contact our billing department (we will do our best to solve that issue).

Question: How can I setup my shop?

Answer: All you need is to choose whatever you wish:

  • - you can simply link to any of our shops providing your affiliate ID and campaign ID as parameters.
  • - you can use our hosting based on our base hosting domains
  • - you can use our hosting putting your own domain on our DNS servers
  • - you can use our hosting and we will register your unique domain for you
  • - you can use your own hosting and domains just forwarding sales to us
  • - also we offer personal domain registrations and hosting for our affiliates.

For advanced affiliates we have all the goods and prices provided in CSV and XML standart. So it could be even used to create your own scripts for a kind of text banner, advertisements or even load our goods to your existing shop - whatever you wish to make sales with us.

It will take about 10 minutes to have your own shop working online (in case of using our hosting and our base hosting domains).

Question: Is prices in XML standart available only for advanced affiliates, I also want give it a try?

Answer: XML standart is the official format for structured documents and data on Internet. Our XML data contains all the products and available for every affiliate.

Question: What is my commission, how do I know the amount earned?

Answer: We have a level based commisions currently. We assign each affiliate his own level depending on total commission earned with us.

Please note, we can set different commisions for some feature sites, but the level depending commission split will be kept anyway.

Your commission formula is: ((amount of order without shipping price) * 100 / (your % share for the site sale came from))

You can check you account details or creatives at member area to find out your current % share rate.

All your earnings could be viewed via members area statistic page.

If you are using Price Plans (created with Price Editor) then commision share formula would be: ((amount of order based on your price set for this good) - (base amount of order for that good)) + ((base amount of order for that good) * 20 / 100) . Therefore, you have 20% of the base cost plus all the difference in price you set to be higher for. Actual revenue you get could be found while you are in Price Editor.

Question: I would like to sign up but am not sure if you accept affiliates from my country?

Answer: We accept affiliates regardless of theirs location. But the earning always paid in US dollars.

Question: Why do you have so low prices?

Answer: We sell generic drugs on all our websites. You can follow any of our site and check FAQ page for more details on that.

Question: What is the delivery time for orders placed through your network?

Answer: At average it takes 1-3 weeks for USA or Canada and about 2 weeks for EU countries. Exact delivery time could be various depending on country and city of the destination.

Question: Okay, am going to try, what should I do?

Answer: Just go and complete our signup form immediately!

Question: I still have some questions?

Answer: Please contact us now, we'll answer any of your questions in shortest time possible.

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